EEC Strategies

by Michael Decipha Ponthieux
Posted: 2-4-2017
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Which strategy is best for me?

So your probably wondering why all the different strategies? Well henry made changes throughout the years adding and removing code for the various vehicles hence we have difference strategies as a result. Keep in mind the strategy is the "software" the ecu executes. The strategy DOES NOT have to match the original strategy the ecu came factory equipped with. Below is a list of the more flexible strategies with their pros and cons listed for each. I have the strategies listed by EEC group so you know which strategies are supported by each "class" ecu. There were only a few different EEC-Vs boxes made, most fall within' one of the classes below.

"Modern" Class EEC-V Strategies (most 01/02-2004 ecu's)
XXXPower Steering Pres Sensor Input
XXXAdditonal AC Evap Discharger Temperature Input
*possibly*Stock MAP Sensor Input
XLimitedXAlternator Control
XXX03/04 Luxury PATS
X99-04 Mustang/F-150 PATS
XXXRX/TX Communications
XXXStarter Relay Interrupt
XXFuel Cap Lamp Output
XXXTach Output
XXX03/04 Luxury SCP Only
X99-04 Mustang/F-150 SCP Traffic for Gauge Cluster
XXXFRP temperature Input
XXXCyl Head Temp Lamp Output
XXXVariable Speed Fan Output
X*possiblySupport Dual LSF/HSF outputs
1 KnkXXTwo knock sensor inputs
XXXAntiTheft Lamp Output
XXXBattery Indicator Lamp Output
XXSuperCharger Bypass
RZASA is the MOST ADVANCED EEC-V Strategy ever created and is also the MOST SUPPORTED. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to run RZASA when ever possible. Now Keep in mind, just because a strategy doesn't natively support a function, any unused output can be reassigned and/or recoded to perform other functions.

More strategies will be added to this list as they are inquired.

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