Custom Tuning
1983 - 2019 Vehicles

by Michael Decipha Ponthieux
Posted: 2013-04-04
Last Updated: 2021-09-07


Every tune I offer is completely custom. I do not offer 'can tunes' that some tooners may try to pass off as custom. All tunes include lifetime updates for the vehicle at no additional fee. Can reprogram the factory ecu/pcm to compensate for But most importantly, Custom tuning will Improve Fuel Economy, Performance, and Safety. And gives you peace of mind knowing your vehicle is running properly.

Perhaps your vehicle is closer to stock? If none of the items listed above apply to your vehicle then custom tuning is not required. Still want to get a custom tune? No problem. Custom tuning a vehicle with minor modifications often leads to a more enjoyable vehicle in even bone stock form.

Or perhaps you have an uncommon vehicle and cannot find any shops that support tuning your vehicle? No problem! I write all of my own custom tuning support for all of the vehicles I tune.

So why choose decipha?
Decipha Focuses on all aspects of the tune from cold startup to idle, part throttle drive-ability and wot peformance. But most importantly, decipha gives you unrestricted access to your tune which most tuners do not. So not only do you have full control over your tune but you have the ability to make any changes you want or can even convert between different softwares to suit your specific needs. No other tuners offer that level of flexibilty.

Do your reasearch and you will see Decipha is by far one of the most highly regarded tuners. But don't just take my word for it. With over 1,000+ vehicles custom tuned by decipha over the years there has only been a handful that weren't completely satisfied. Fasterthangas on various ford forums, Erick Nickerson and 03_Blk_HD from the lightningrodder forum. Read more by CLICKING THIS LINK. Not only the good but the bad too. As always if you find more reviews good or bad elsewhere don't hesitate to link them in the thread. You must consider that happy customers are seldom heard from but the dis-satisfied often make a public fuss and usually a very nasty one at that.

Your probably wondering now what sets Decipha at EFIDynoTuning apart?
It's simple. I have Engineering level control with binary coding abilities that only the highest level Ford engineers have access to. What does this mean? Its very common for custom tuners to run in to problems that they cannot solve. In order to work around them they have to 'settle' for minor drive-ability issues or 'oddities' simply because they cannot get the ecu to 'act right' or do what they want. Thats not a problem for decipha. If the ecu doesn't have a function or table decipha simply creates one to make the ecu do exactly whats needed.

Custom dry shot nitrous ecu control code in foxbody ecu.
Custom pin output control for additional fuel pumps and or intercooler pumps.
Can re-assign ecu pins and even write code to suit any custom needs.
Larger spark tables for more resolution than factory code allows.
Custom boost based spark and fuel control the stock ecu doesn't support.
Boost protection and the ability to change pulleys / boost w/o re-tuning required.
Overheat protection and other misc safeties earlier ECUs do not support.
Modified table axis scaling and lookup routine inputs.
Suffice to say complete ECU control with the ability to CREATE tables if desired.

Every tuner has their 'knack' or their most tuned and well refined tunes for specific vehicles.
The following list is for decipha tunes that are second to none. You simply CANNOT get a better tune elsewhere.

2015-17 GT350 5.2L Voodoo - N/A, SC, Turbo
2015-17 GT Auto, Manual, SC, Turbo
2013-14 GT500 - N/A, SC, Turbo
2013-14 GT Auto - N/A, SC, Turbo
2011-12 GT Manual - N/A, SC, Turbo
2006-09 S281E Saleen Extreme - SC, Turbo or N/A
2006 GT-H Hertz Shelby - stock trim, SC or Turbo
2005-10 GT Auto, Manual, SC, Turbo - Kenne Belle, Whipple, etc...
2004 F-150 Lightning
2003-04 Cobra - Over 100 custom tunes performed in just about any conceivable setup
2003-04 Marauder - N/A, SC and Turbo - Manual swaps as well
2002-04 GT
2002-03 F-150 Lightning & Harley Trucks
2003-04 Mach1
2001-03 F-150 5.4L
1999-04 F-250 5.4L
1999-01 GT
1999-01 Cobra
1998-01 5.0L Explorer
1998 Cobra
1997 Explorer 5.0L
1997-98 Mark VIII
1996-97 Cobra
1994-1997 Thunderbird, Cougar 4.6L & 3.8L
1994-95 Mustang 5.0L
1994-95 Cobra
1993 Cobra
1991-93 5.0L Thunderbird
1989-95 Thunderbird SC
1989-93 5.0L Mustang Foxbody

Don't see your vehicle listed? No worries! Your vehicle can still be tuned it just isn't one of the more common setups.

So What kind of tune do you need? See the following break down of different tuning options. Still unsure? Just shoot me an email
Premium members are eligible for a discount. If you have additional vehicles to tune the 2nd is $300, 3rd is $150 and 4th and each there after is $100. An additional tune progress thread for each vehicle will be created to keep everything organized.
Jump down to the Online/Remote Tune option for PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP.

$0+ - FREE Tune Analysis

This service is provided free of charge for those with current tunes from ANOTHER tuner who wishes to have a second opinion on their current tune.
Highly modified vehicles that require dyno pulls will be charged a fee. If you are DIY tuning, simply post your tune and a warm cruise datalog on the Forum.

$100+ - Current Tune Adjustment **Local Only**

Recommended for those who have current tunes from ANOTHER tuner that wishes to make slight tweaks for performance, fuel economy, or street manners.
This service is provided FREE OF CHARGE for those with current tunes from Affiliate Tuners / Shops. Keep in mind, this requires that your current tune is correctly dialed in. Can read out current tunes to adjust idle, cranking, cold startups, spark, fuel etc... and can even do a complete a/b comparison so you can see what all your custom tune has modified, no more guessing!

$100+ - ECU Re-Flashing (NO TUNING)

This service is provided for those who already have a working tune on an external J3 chip or a handheld flashing device. This service also includes calibrating the speedometer for rear axle ratio or tire size changes. This can also be used for ECU REPLACEMENT. If you have a faulty ecu/pcm, bring or ship both the old ecu and new ecu in to have the existing tune and anti-theft PATS code copied over from the old ecu to the new ecu (+$100). This also applies to all engine swaps as well, keep your cluster, keys, transponder, and update the pats code in the ecu, no more swapping everything for V6 to V8 or GT to Cobra engine swaps. No need in spending additional money at the dealership to have your PATS system reprogrammed. You may also request to have your HEX pats code if you'd like to keep a backup for your records. Will also update your stored VIN - Vehicle Identification Number for hot rod swaps or just to update your VIN in the ecu if required to have it for emissions purposes. In cases where your vehicle is using an outdated calibration code, your PCM can be updated to the latest ford or beta code available with your custom tune applied as well (when applicable).

This service also gives you the ability to keep your existing tune and "UNMARRY" your handheld device so it can be sold or used on a different vehicle. This does require that you remove your ECU and send it in for flashing. Price does not include shipping. Shipping outside of the United States will be the actual cost of shipping only. You are responsible for CUSTOMS FEE'S if your country charges import taxes. PATS Passive Anti-theft can be disabled as well as slight tune adjustments made for an additional fee. Contact me to discuss your specific needs.
Note: To Disable PATS you MUST show proof of vehicle ownership. A photo copy of the vehicle's registration and/or title as well as a copy of your drivers license or ID may be required. In some cases a background check must be performed for an additional $50 and will delay the process.

$200 - Base Tune

Recommended for those interested in self-tuning their own vehicles, this base tune will incorporate all the changes necessary for your specific modifications. This does not include any tuning support just a startup tune only that you must dial in. The basics are outlined in the A9L2 / T4M2 / EEC-V base tunes on the homepage.

$300 - Custom Tune + Datalogging Support (Nearly Stock Vehicles) **Local Only**

This tune will incorporate all the changes necessary for your specific modifications and includes any tuning support needed along with datalog review and revisions to fully calibrate the vehicle. This is for NEARLY STOCK VEHICLES ONLY.


Recommended for those who desire the most power, greatest fuel efficiency, and the best overall performance and reliability. Recommended for most all setups and is by far the most popular choice for those seeking the best for their engines.

$550 - Dyno Tune

Dyno tuning is performed on my MD-1100 chassis dyno. Recommended for supercharged engines making up to 2,500rwhp. Not recommended for turbocharged engines making in excess of 1,000rwhp through non pcm controlled automatic transmissions.
Read the Dyno Facts - link for more info.

$800 - OEM Spec Calibration

Drop your vehicle off and have it continuously daily driven and calibrated to completely dial in all aspects of the tune not accessible by any other means. A mere "Manufacturer Specific Calibration" as if the vehicle came factory equipped with its current modifications. Recommended for all daily driven vehicles making in excess of 1,000rwhp. Extreme cold starts are often updated at a later date if current weather conditions do not allow.

$1,000 - Bulk Tuning (5+ Vehicles)

This option is for private owners and/or car collectors with multiple vehicles. Specific details apply, contact me for more info.

$1,000 - 2 Day Weekend Contractor Tuning

I offer on-site weekend tuning services for dyno days and group events, this is provided for tuning facilities that seek ford tuning or current tuners seeking to expand their knowledge base. Price will not include excessive travel and accommodation expense's such as trips to foreign countries. Email me for more information.

$1,500 - Custom Coding (per hack)

This service is provided for professional racers and custom tuners who require custom code to be written for custom setups. For example: Having the stock ecu do full time closed loop wideband control, control additional inputs/outputs, Flex-fuel control, uniquely custom dry shot nitrous control, etc.. Contact me for all inquiries.

For all local tunes:
All 1996+ vehicles are direct flashed to free up your existing handheld device to be sold or used on a different vehicle. No more having to keep a married SCT X2, X3, X4 or other handheld. Unmarry it and sell it, use it on a different vehicle, or use it for additional tunes if you desire!!!
1995 and older vehicles will receive a chip on the back of the ecu as-is required.

For all non-local online/remote tunes:
All contributions go toward maintaining, updating, and adding content to the forum and website. All contributions are greatly appreciated and aid in the continuing effort of open source DIY tuning for everyone. All monetary contributions will be reflected by member level status. After your donation has been submitted your account will be upgraded accordingly and PREMIUM MEMBERS will gain access to the tune repository and your own private tune progress thread. This is done to keep all communications in an easy to follow listing with a break down of the steps needed to get your vehicle dialed in and the specifics tune changes to go along with it. Your final tune will also be kept in your private thread as a permanent backup, in the case of a laptop crash or laptop replacement you will always have access to your tune anytime anywhere.

Your probably wondering why do I offer online tunes when I don't make any profit?
If you must know. I believe the more informed the community is the better we will be as a whole. Thats why I've made all the write ups I have and posted my base tune files for free for the world to enjoy and have the support forum, etc... The greatest wealth in life is the knowledge we possess. I spend an astronomical amount of my time maintaining and doing for the DIY community that it cuts into my personal and work life substantially. Yet, I still manage to carry out a ~60-70hr a week full time job in between. Ive asked myself is it worth it and I believe it is. If I learn just one single thing in the process then that time is well spent in my opinion. And the knowledge others gain from my teachings have a moral reward. I know what I can do. I have yet to figure out what I can't. Thats what pushes me to take it that much further.


Not sure which tune is for you? Post your questions on the EFIDynoTuning Forum -

Still have questions? Post a thread on the forum for specifics if you have any concerns.

Interested in self tuning your own vehicle? Read over the Getting Started Write Up -
I have fully documented write ups and even FREE custom tuning software as well as base tunes on my website at:
I highly recommend moates products when applicable based out of Baton Rouge, LA:

I am located in Kenner,LA at the new New Orleans International Airport Service Road.

If you are sending in an ECU. Ship to:

Attn: Michael
O&E Speed Shop
2333 Aberdeen St.
Kenner, LA 70062

You must include a return shipping label, and submit a vehicle info sheet with all ECUs.

Reasons to Send in an ECU
Although it is not often an ecu needs to be sent in there are a few reasons why we would physically need the ecu.
Post on the support forum for tune evaluations and engine/peripheral recommendations.

Be sure to read over the PRE TUNE INFO - for any discrepancies prior to inquiring about a custom tune.

Do you already have a custom tune from EFIDynoTuning? Are you wanting to make changes yourself? Or maybe you've made more modifications since getting tuned. If so, check out the POST TUNING INSTRUCTIONS - to see if your tune needs to be revised.

If you've purchased a mail order chip from EFIDynoTuning in the past and would like to make changes yourself or update your tune; I highly recommend ordering a jaybird from and downloading TunerPro RT and your strategy off the homepage. If your strategy is not available CONTACT ME to create one.
Tuning Shops
Decipha provides base tunes, consultation, diagnostics and various misc tuning services for many shops, tuners, companies, retailers and resellers. As always anonymity is maintained and your shop builds its reputation and profits by providing additional tuning services. This removes the burden from you and your employees and instead lets you focus on other aspects of the build (parts, invoicing, mechanics, etc...). Base tunes are provided with accompanying base definition files to custom tune. Datalogging on 2005+ ecu's will need to be available. For shops the initial custom tune is $600 going through the custom tuning process. Each base tune there after is $200 and includes development if needed. Base definitions will be created with the parameters needed as necessary. Consultation is always provided.
Be sure to submit a
VEHICLE INFO SHEET for each vehicle.

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