Custom Tuning
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by Michael Decipha Ponthieux
Last Updated: 2020-10-14

This page ONLY applies to those whom were directed here AFTER receiving a custom tune from me and have completed step 2.

Verify Calibration and Fine Tune

Now that step 2 is complete your fuel and spark should be dialed in. Now is the time to verify the calibration and give everything a good double over.

Go ahead and write the latest revised tune to the quarterhorse and start the log BEFORE starting the engine. At this point, the engine will still be warming up, begin driving the vehicle. For this log you will simulate ALL driving conditions, drive the vehicle like you would normally, simulate merging onto a highway as well as stopping for a redlight from 50mph and abruptly taking off again. Then floor it WOT and hold it there until you reach your shift rpm. Slowly coast back down to speed and pull over safely to stop the log. SHUT OFF THE ENGINE. Then turn the ignition back on and CRANK the engine logging all the while. Do not touch the throttle. Let the engine idle for 3 - 5 minutes or longer if its required to get the engine to a stable (non surging) warm idle. Stop and save the log after the engine is idling stable. You can then post the log.

In some very rare instances it may be necessary to capture photos of the spark plugs. If you have been instructed to take photos you must only do so after your WOT fuel and spark is dialed in completely. It's required to swap in a new spark plug; It doesn't matter which cylinder, which ever is easiestly accessible. Replace the plug with a new plug and go out and make a WOT pull. At the end of the pull while still at WOT, key off the ignition and coast to a safe area to remove the spark plug and save the datalog. This is most easilest performed on a chassis dyno. Snap a good close up of the backstrap showing the black burn mark across the middle. Be sure to have the angle so as that all the plug threads are visible. And another photo from the top looking down into the ceramic (I need to be able to see the bottom down inside there). This although spark plug photos are only needed when requested; you can optinally perform this as well if you want to be overly cautious in verifying your ignition timing at WOT. If you do not have a digital camera, a camera phone is ok. You can attach the photos to your Private Tune Progress Thread or text them directly to my mobile.

After I review everything, I'll post back a revision that should make the engine even happier.

Note: This step may span over several iterations to verify the vehicle is properly tuned and performing optimally.

If you will be taking your vehicle to the track or a dyno to get a rwhp number, let me know before hand and I will provide you with additional test tunes to load for the dyno or track. See the POST Tune Instructions for more details.

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