Online/Remote Tuning

by Michael Decipha Ponthieux
Posted: 2013-05-04
Last Updated: 2017-09-06

Online / Remote tuning is the MOST ACCURATE method of tuning a vehicle. You DO NOT need to purchase tuning software to utilize this service on most all 1983 - 2004 Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles (excluding CAN-BUS ecu's.) However, you must have hardware to interface your ecu to upload tunes. This is best achieved with the Moates QuarterHorse from MOATES.NET. You can also utilize this service with a Tweecer / Tweecer RT from STKR, or any generic OBD-II datalogging device for 1996 and newer vehicles. To begin, submit a VEHICLE INFO SHEET and you will be contacted after I have reviewed it.

If your not going to be actively tuning it or logging after the fact you can sell the QH when we're done tuning her, they sell for $200 used so you can recoupe a few bucks. If you have a near stock setup I also offer a loaner QH as well, you pay a $250 deposit and I ship out one of my spare QHs. Then when we are done dialing her in you ship the QH back and I shoot u back the funds along with a chip to replace the QH for $65. If you decide you want to keep it which most do as I've never got a QH back before to date then no worries.

Unrestricted Developmental Support

If you have an uncommon ecu that does not currently have tuning support and would like to have custom tuning support to modify your tune yourself, you can elect to have me disassemble and create a definition fille for your strategy to provide custom DIY self-tuning support not only for you but for everyone else that follows down your path afterward. You will be 'grandfathered' in as the primary supporter of the effort and will be given new updates as they become available. This service is provided for an additional $150. Keep in mind, this is not neccessary to tune an uncommon ecu even if you do not choose to have full open source developemental support. This is not required if you have an uncommon ecu, but it is a SIGNIFICANT help to not only you and everyone after you but for me as well. If you do wish to go this route, I highly recommend sending the request in well in advance. This will expedite the process when the time comes and you won't be waiting for development.


A wideband is not always required but is ALWAYS recommended! I only recommend widebands that have a DIGITAL gauge, ANALOG ONLY gauges are far less accurate. See
THIS LINK in the PRE-TUNE Info for widebands and where to buy.

Tuning Steps

There are 3 primary steps to dialing in the tune.
Step 1 - Idle Tuning & Low Load Fuel
Step 2 - Part Throttle Fuel and Spark
Step 3 - WOT Fuel, Spark, Load Scaling

Step 4 - Verify Calibration and Fine Tune Adjustments
The average time frame to get the vehicle completely dialed in can vary significantly. However, the tune will usually be dialed in enough for the vehicle to be safely daily driven after step 2 is completed (usually within' 2 days or sometimes from the get go). In unlikely circumstances, depending upon scheduling, weather, engine tunability, communication errors, engine issues, diagnostics, etc.. this process can take longer, but the tuning doesn't stop until the engine is completely dialed in. In most cases the tune is usually 95% dialed in within 3 days or less.

All Datalogs will be sent via the Tune Repository through the forum INCLUDING DATALOGS which MUST be ZIPPED. Do not send large files or datalogs WITHOUT ZIPPING first.
Unzipped .CSV files are prohibited on the forum and it will not allow uploading.

How do we get started?

Custom Tuning Software

It it highly recommended to use TunerPro RT if you have a quarterhorse and your vehicle is supported by decipha. In-depth details can be found in the Getting Started Write Up by CLICKING HERE.

Tuning time-frame

Typically, it usually takes about 4-5 iterations to get the vehicle 95% of the way dialed in, well enough to beat on, if the car is sound and theres no problems within' 3-4 days is typical. Cold starts, dashpot, startup enrichment, and isc multiplier can take quite a bit to dial in but is all non critical and doesnt affect performance any.

But what about a Dyno?

check out the Dyno Tuning Facts page to see if dyno tuning or remote tuning is right for you.

Prices and Services

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