Custom Code Tuning

by Michael Decipha Ponthieux
Posted: 2013-05-04
Last Updated: 2023-08-29

Custom code tuning is the MOST ACCURATE method of custom tuning a vehicle. This INCLUDES developing custom tuning software and support for most 1983 - 2020 Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles possibly saving you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars otherwise. However, you must have hardware to interface with your ecu. Any custom functions or tables you need (or desire -- if within' reason) are included.

Year RangeRecommended InterfaceAdditionally Supported
*1983-2004 Moates QuarterHorse 1996/1997 vehicles must use an SCT handheld device at this time.
2005-2020Drewtech Mongoose Pro Ford SCT - X2,X3,X4, etc..
See the Getting Started Write Up for more details.

An SCT handheld device may be used for 1996-current vehicles as well but is not recommended for 2004 and older vehicles as its logging capabilities are severely lacking as compared to the moates quarterhorse.
Unrestricted Developmental Support
If you have an uncommon ecu that does not currently have tuning support it will be developed during this process. I highly recommend submitting your donation and getting the tune started well in advance of when your project is expected to be completed. There is no expiration on tuning. Doing so sooner rather than later will expedite the process when the time comes to start your vehicle when your project is complete.

A wideband is not always required but is ALWAYS recommended! I only recommend AEM DIGITAL widebands with the digital gauge. It is the most accurate wideband available for the price. Never use a wideband with an ANALOG ONLY gauge as they are proven to be far less accurate. See the PRE-TUNE Info Write Up for more details.

Tuning Steps
There are 2 primary steps to dialing in the tune and a 3rd supplemental.
Step 1 - Idle Tuning & Low Load Fuel, Part Throttle Fuel and Spark
Step 2 - WOT Fuel, Spark, Load Scaling
Step 3 - Verify and Fine Tuning
On average most vehicles will be 99% dialed in and can be safely daily driven after step 2 is completed - usually within' 2 days. In unlikely circumstances, depending upon scheduling, weather, engine tunability, communication errors, engine issues, diagnostics, etc.. this process can take longer, but the tuning doesn't stop until the engine is dialed in.

Upload all datalogs through your private tune progress thread in the premium member section of the forum. After the log has been reviewed an updated revision will be posted with further instructions. DO NOT email or PM datalogs. DO NOTemail, PM or text critical information pertaining to the tune. All information MUST stay in your private thread.

How do we get started?

Custom Tuning Software
This process will be done using TunerPro RT. In-depth details can be found in the Getting Started Write Up.
If using an SCT handheld device you will need the SCT device updater to upload .cef files to the handheld.

Tuning time-frame
Typically, it usually takes about 4-5 iterations to get the vehicle 99% of the way dialed in. At least well enough to beat on. If the vehicle is sound and there are no problems within' 2 days is typical. Cold starts, dashpot, startup enrichment, and isc compensation can take quite a bit to dial in but is non critical and doesn't affect performance. There is no expiration on tuning.

But what about a Dyno?
Dyno tuning should ONLY be done AFTER the tune is dialed in. check out the Dyno Tuning Facts page to see if dyno tuning is recommended for your setup. If you are in the New Orleans area dyno tuning can be provided after the vehicle is dialed in. A dyno strapping fee of +$125 will apply.

Additional Vehicles
If you have additional vehicles to tune the 2nd is $300, 3rd is $150 and 4th and each there after is $100. An additional link for each vehicle will be sent to keep everything organized.

Tune Services and Pricing

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