by Michael Decipha Ponthieux
Posted: 2013-07-27
Last Updated: 2017-12-04

The payloads are the dataloggable PID's. Reference the chart below for details.

The following table lists the more common Payloads available for datalogging.
If you find any error's, post your concerns on the Website Feedback Forum.

ACTAir Charge TempTemperature of the air entering the engine
AEFUELacceleration enrichment AE fuel (pre 93 strats with accel enrichment).
APTThrottle Flag-1= closed throttle; 0= part throttle, 1= wide open throttle
ATMR1Run TimerTime since engine entered run mode, maximum = 255 seconds
BCSDCTCC DCTorque Converter clutch duty cycle
BPBarometric Pressure
ECTEngine Coolant Tempshould be about 16 degrees above thermostat temp, should never exceed 250 degrees
EFTFRRTransient Fueltransient fuel
GR_CMGear Commandedgear commanded for ecu controlled auto transmissions
IEGO...o2 sensor voltageiego1 is passenger side, iego2 is driver side, should constantly switch between 0 and .8 volts in closed loop
IPSIBRInstantaneous Idle Air Mass Correctionused to update fn875 and ithbma
ISCDCIAC Duty CycleThe duty cycle of the idle air control valve, should be between 25-35 at warm stabilized idle
ISCKAM...Idle Airmass CorrectionThe airmass correction at idle 0=drive a/c off; 1=drive a/c on; 2=neutral a/c off; 3=neutral a/c on
KAMRF...Adaptive Fuel CorrectionThe learned fueling correction for a given load/rpm cell, should be near 1 under all conditions
KNKTST_A2DKnock Sensor Voltage
LAMBSE...Commanded AFRyour actual AFR when fuel is dialed in
LOADEngine Volumetric Efficiencycalculated by MAF and SARCHG
MAFMass Air Flowtypically expressed in kg/hr
MAFVMAF VoltageThe filtered MAF voltage used for airmass calculations, should not exceed 4.6v at WOT
NRPMEngine speed
PCT_LOADInferred Loadfrom fail-safe table lookup (used in transient fueling for 99+ ecu's)
PDLPark/Neutral SWpark / drive lever position, 7=park, 6=rev, 5=neu, 4=od, 3=3rd, 2=2, 1=1
PERLOADPercentage of Loadbased on value of prldsw scalar PERLOAD is null for TP fueling ecu's (99+)
SAFTOTSpark AdvanceThe actual spark advance as measured at the balancer
SPK_SOURCESpark SourceOn 93+ strats this PID identifies which algorithm is controlling spark.
TOTTrans Oil Tempsometimes called the TFT trans fluid temp
TPThrottle Positionabsolute value of the throttle position sensor, should never be less than 0.4v
VSBARMPHThe vehicle speed calculated from the VSS sensor
VSBAR_RTOSS MPHMPH calculated from the OSS sensor


The following are the absolute minimum PIDS you should datalog:

TP = Throttle Position Voltage
IEGO1 = Hego 1 Voltage

If you haven't dialed in Fuel yet then be sure to log these:

iMAF = Mass airflow sensor raw voltage
LAMBSE1 = Bank 1 Lambse
PERLOAD = Engine Load Percentage
ECT = Engine Coolant Temperature
FUELPW1 = Injector PulseLength Bank 1
KAMRF1 = Fuel Correction Bank 1
ATMR1 = Engine Running Timer
Note: IEGO2, LAMBSE2, FUELPW2, KAMRF2 can be logged if more than 1 hego is controlling fuel.

If you haven't dialed in Idle Air yet then be sure to log these:

ISCDTY = ISC Duty Cycle
IPSIBR = Instantaneous Idle Airmass Correction
DSDRPM = desired idle rpm commanded

if you haven't dialed in Spark yet then be sure to log these:

LOAD = Calculated VE
SAFTOT = Actual Spark Advance
ACT = Aircharge Temperature

If you haven't dialed in Transient Fuel yet AFTER dialing in fuel then be sure to log these:

EFTRFF - Transient Fuel
AEFUEL - Accel Enrichment Fuel

Generic Payloads

VBAT - battery voltage

Trans Tuning Payloads

TV_PRES - TV Pressure
SPD_RATIO - trans slip ratio
BCSDC - tq converter clutch duty cycle

Spark Source Values

3Tq Control
6Low Load - Stabilized
7Low Load - Cold
8Idle Spark Min Clip
9Idle feedback
10Self Test Spark Control
15Output State Control
16Foreground Spark Borderline Clip
18Decel Spark

Viewing Datalogs

When viewing datalogs I align my payloads as such for the most accuracy / efficiency.


Note: These should correspond to the same as the payload order in the
Disassembly Write Up.

Dashboard Configuration Files

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