Whats going on in the world of EFIDynoTuning?
New Year Well the new year is upon us. I plan this year to do as little development as possible time just doesn't allow these days. For those interested in breaking out more strats i'll assist as much as time allows but I don't forsee any significant changes anytime soon.
Mass Updates Significant updates to RZASA, CBAZA, FBGI0, and CVAF1 have not yet been officially posted.
CBAZA now supports the updated STANDARDIZED logging adx.
CVAF1 datalogging updated to be Direct Memory Access speeding it up significantly.
A bunch of the write ups have been touched up to be easier to comprehend. With links to more reference material now.
Hadn't posted anything to the news feed here in over 6 months so figured I'd post the current status. As of lately I hadn't had much free time woring 100+ hours a week with the day job so hadn't been doing a whole lot. To continue off from back in February still plan on bringing all of my supported xdf's up to the new logging structure when time permits. Not a very time consuming process but is tedious. CBAZA is long past due to receive some universal adx love so it will prob be getting the treatment first most likely. As far as disassembly goes the biggest hurdle right now is re-programming the scp bus array for RZASA to match the non E-type PATS and what i call the "standard" for scp order. Once I get that completed some real progress can be made with further developing some flex fuel code amongst other things I plan on tossing in there.
Updated Downloads Section Well its 2018 and progress is still being made! I've just updated the downloads section with some significant updates to the support XDFs. I've also revised the universal adx once more to speed up datalogging significantly by DMA logging the upper registers. This requires the adx be preconfigured for the strategy your using which is no big deal once its done. Once I get some free time the datalogging patch code will be updated on the existing ADXs as time allows.
Mass Updates The vehicle info sheet page is now automated! Simply fill it out and submit to initiate remote tunes.

The Universal ADX has been updated yet again, it now supports EEC-V, EEC-IV, QH and the Superlogger all by changing the command structure. For beginning ease, 4 identical files will be posted to the downloads section with the options already selected within' the next few days.

An updated XDF file with newly organized payloads have been posted for FBFG2, RZASA, CVAF1 and FBGI0. EEC-IV remains unaffected.

EFI_SD24x XDF file has been posted for datalogging and custom tuning Early 90s speed density trucks with E4OD or non ecu controll autos / manual transmissions. Datalogging is fully supported by the Universal ADX.

The Getting Started write up has been updated to include PCMflash details but is now reorganized and simplified to make it easier to understand the complete getting started process for beginners.

PCMflash supports all current US market mustangs which now opens up DIY open source tuning support for the 2005+ ecu's. PCMflash can also be used to read and write EEC-Vs as well so your Quarterhorse can be used to tune another vehicle.

The Scaling write up has been renamed to be more correct now as its new name implies the EEC Mass Air Fuel Control Write Up.

The Universal ADX file has been updated to include Histograms to automate dialing in the maf transfer, inferred load table, fuel pump voltage table, VE table (on speed density ecu's) and perload (FN035 error). Also included is a fuel error table correction histogram to give a visual representation of fuel error to significant help in dialing in injector flow.
Updated Files An updated CVAF1, FBGI0, FBFG2, CRAJ0, GUFX, and RZASA xdf has been posted all supported by the universal adx.
Updated Files The new EEC-V and EEC-IV Universal ADX files have been posted. As of right now, only an updated supporting GUFX XDF and RZASA XDF have been posted for the time being.
New ADX The new Universal ADX for EEC-IV has been posted. As of right now, only an updated supporting GUFX XDF has been posted.
Website Update Its complete, the website and forum has been upgraded to the new linux server, now the sql server is ran directly from the local host so this should increase the forum's speed and prevent any irregular odd errors that are possible wth a remote sql server. In any case the forum was down for a tad longer than anticipated as their were some major hurdles upgrading php and sql rendering some scripts useless. Well enjoy.
New XDF CRAJ0 is now posted for the 98 cobras and v6, can also be used on the 98/99 crown vic with some finesse, datalogging not added in just yet but the xdf is functional and tuneable.
Updates An updated FBFG2, FBGI0, CVAF1, and RZASA XDF has been posted as well as an updated Universal ADX.
New Feature Universal ADX now supports the SuperLogger, as of this time, the SL requires its own ADX file until further notice.
Updated ADX Universal ADX is posted with corrections for the injector duty cycle and engine run time equations.
New Feature CDAN4 xdf is now posted for 96/97 fords. It is now functional for 256k bin files for use with the QH and emulation. Updated again, now supports the Universal ADX.
New Write Up XDF Write Up is now posted. Full details about swapping between the RZASA / FBFG2 / FBGI0 strategies and what they support.
New Feature FBFG2 now supports the Universal ADX Datalogging Patch.
New Write Up Due to the confusion on how to datalog with the Universal ADX a Datalogging Write Up has been posted.
New Feature The CVAF1 XDF now has the Universal ADX patch.
New Feature CVAE7 XDF posted for 99 cobra, this is a depreciated file and not recommended to be used but is posted for reference only. Recommend to use the CVAF1 strategy instead as an upgrade. Keep in mind of the Fan and AC_RLY_IS_NC configuration, otherwise direct swap out.
New Feature FBGI0 XDF added to the homepage with the universal adx code implemented. I don't have all the payloads mapped out yet but enough to get her tuned no problem. I'll be adding more payloads as needed.
New Feature Its DONE! The first rendition of the Universal ADX is officially posted!! Check out the downloads section to download a copy and check it out. The first strategy I implemented it on is REAC4 and RZASA. Sbe works great!! When time permits I'll be adding in the rest of the strategies as well. Priary focus will be on CVAF1 and FBGI0 as requested by premium members.
New Feature Well I posted a CVAF1 XDF on the homepage, it leaves a bit to be desired but its useable, the more important stuff is there. I'll be updating it as time permits.
New Feature It only took 4.5 years but the homepage now finally has a left menu bar <<<< some of the formatting and sizing needs to be updated but its functional. Later this year, the downloads menu from the top drop down menu bar will be moved to the left menu bar to make it easier to navigate and access.
Updated XDF The FBFG2 xdf link was broken, Fixed with a new FBFG2 Def posted.
New Feature Well its done! I have the Universal ADX code completed and tested, functioning great! I'll be doing some beta testing and releasing it within' the next few days.
Page Update The Trans Tuning link at the bottom of the startup enrichment write up has been fixed. And the Idle Air Links as well. -Thanks for reporting it.
New Services Custom Tuning ECU Exchange page is in the works, more details will be coming shortly stay "tuned".
NEW YEAR Well its 2017! The forums have been going strong now for 3.5 years and we're just shy of 900 members. The goal this year will be creating the universal adx and breaking out open source support for all the 99-01 Mustang V8's using the CVAF1 strategy. My primary focus this first quarter will be to write the universal adx code and get it fully functional. Once the code is complete I intend on implementing it on the following strategies: GURE GUFB CBAZA GSALI GSALC CZAW0 GHAJ0? AJAQ5 CDAN4 CQAB1 CMAI6 CRAJ0 REAC4 MPAM0 MQAH1 CVAF1 RWAI2 OMAE2 FBGI0 FBFG2 MZAK0 RZASA PRDO0 I expect to have these all up and posted on the homepage for public download by August.

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