Injector Flow Data

Posted: 2013-12-07
Last Updated: 2023-05-12

Injector Flow Data
Select your injectors from the drop down menu above. The injector data given is based on manufacturer's published data and are given for the specific base fuel pressure listed. Be sure if using this data that your base fuel pressure is set to the listed fuel pressure otherwise the data will be inaccurate. The flow data is ACTUAL published data unless otherwise noted.
If using tunerpro, it is IMPERATIVE that you put in the K-Constant scalar first and then the SP** AHISL value in second. Otherwise your tune will not be properly set up.
If the injector info you need is not posted, request it ON THE FORUM.

If you ARE NOT USING TUNERPRO Be sure to divide these values by the SCALING PERCENTAGE when inputting in to your tuning software.

If no data is available and you need to get started now, I recommend cross referencing the injector offset provided by injector-rehab. It's a long shot but if your in a bind it may be helpful.

For injector size calculations check out the Pre Tuning Information

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