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by Michael Decipha Ponthieux
Posted: 6-18-2013
Last Updated: 2-16-2016

What is the best Ford Tuner?

In short, there is no best! All tuning hardware does the same job, it replaces the current calibration on the ecu with its own.
As for software, they all do the same job, some software has access to more parameters than others and some software is easier to use, however, all tuning software is basically the same minus the support for your specific vehicle/ecu your tuning with/on.

Hope this clears up alot of confusion, there is no "best", just "most appropriate".

Who is the best Tuner?

No tuner is any better than any other, the tuner's job is to get the most amount of torque out of an engine as safely possible, this is done by adjusting ignition timing (spark) and air/fuel ratio, the tuner himself cannot get any more power out of the engine than the engine is capable of, so no tuner is better than any other tuner. However, some tuners can be overly conservative and some can be overly aggressive.

Your best tune will come from being completely honest with your tuner and giving him specifics on how the vehicle will actually be used. This will make the tuners job easier and you'll be happier with the results. Communication is key.

Can my tune cause a no start?

The EEC-IV and early EEC-V ecu's do not control the starter relay "solenoid", however if you have a 2003 - 2004 EEC-IV in a Maurauder, Crown Victoria, Grand Marquis and a few other explicit advanced control ford vehicles then YES, a faulty tune will prevent the starter relay from engaging.

Can you always tune for more power?

No, an engine is a compressor its simply an air pump, horsepower is directly related to the airflow the engine can move, in order to make more power the engine must move more air, this is a physical limitation that no amount of software or fingering of a tune can compensate for.

Can I use a 94-95 Mustang V6 ECU to swap into my 5.0 foxbody?

No, the v6 ecu's only have 6 injector outputs, you can use an 8 cylinder ecu in a 6 cylinder or 4 cylinder engine, but you cannot use a 4cyl or 6cyl ecu in an 8cyl.

Happy tooning

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