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by Michael Decipha Ponthieux
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EEC-V Replacement

This service is provided for the following:
"Modern" Class EEC-V Processors (most 01/02-2004 ecu's)
EXCExchange your failing or faulty ecu.
BASBase tune for initial engine fire up.
DUPCreate a duplicate ECU for safe keeping.
THFDisable anti theft to allow the vehicle to be operated.
UPDUpdate your current flash to the latest available code or strategy.
SPDUpdate your calaculated vehicle speed to correct your speedometer for wheel and/or axle ratio changes.
UPGUpgrade your existing ecu for a faster processor and/or more inputs/outputs.
CODRequest custom code to control an output for custom modifications.
PATCopy your pats code and/or VIN number from one ecu to another.
EMIRemove emissions controls for non-pollution controlled vehicles in Mexico and other non emissions countries.

Be sure to include the above 3 letter tag with your email request to expedite your EEC eXchange.
Submit all inquiries to:
All replacement ECU's are warrantied for 30 days.
All EEC's are reconditioned OEM new old stock blank cores and are flashed with your specific code prior to shipping.

At this time EEC-IV processor inventories are limited. Contact me on a per-case basis.

This page is currently under construction, contact me in the interim for all inquiries.

If you would like the ability to perform real-time custom tuning, datalogging, and diagnostics, be sure to include all of your needs in your email.

Prices vary on available hardware on hand and the requested upgrades to be performed.

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