Tuning Do's, Don't's, & Common Mistakes

by Michael Decipha Ponthieux
Last Updated: 10-31-2013

Don't's - should NEVER be done

  • Never plug or unplug anything from the ECU's J3 port while the ignition is on!! (this will fry the ecu and/or device)
  • Do not change the X-axis' maximum and minimum scaling inputs on ANY function!!!
  • EEC-IV's have a maximum MAF voltage of 16.00 volts, do not set it to 5.00 volts, likewise
  • The maf's minimum input voltage is 0 volts, never set it to anything other than 0.00 volts
  • Do not try to dial in fuel on a cold engine, you can only dial in enrichment on a cold engine
  • Never plug in the QH's USB cable to your laptop with the key off
  • Never write a tune with the key off
  • Never turn the key off while the QH's USB cable is plugged in

    Do's - Should ALWAYS be done

  • Do always read your plugs, even if you've never read plugs before pull them out and inspect them, the spark plugs
    will let you know how happy or unhappy your engine is, anything too unhappy will be fairly obvious
  • Do give your engine what it wants and not what looks good on paper, if you have a big block that doesn't like
    to run any leaner than .95 lambda, then let her run at .95 lambda! Forget what looks good on paper or how an engine
    is 'supposed' to respond and TUNE your engine, not all engines are the same and some are thirsty.

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