How to: Datalog inputs directly into the ecu
Wideband / Boost/Fuel/Oil Pressure

by Michael Decipha Ponthieux
Posted: 2016-11-17
Last Updated: 2017-06-12

Hardware Setup - datalogging a Wideband through the EGR (EVP) input

Most all EEC's have a 0-5v analog input used by the egr valve position. This input can be reused to datalog a 0-5v input (such as a wideband) when the EGR is disabled and no longer used.
NOTE: It IS NOT RECOMMENDED to remove or disable the EGR unless absolutely neccessary.

If you do not have the ability to add in an additional bung for the wideband you have the option to disable hego2 (driver side) and install the wideband in that bung while tuning. See the Tuning Tips Write Up for more details.
NOTE: A wideband is too slow and not accurate enough to simulate a narrowband, I highly advise to NEVER simulate a narrowband. The wideband narrow band output should NEVER be hooked to the factory narrow band input.


Installation is as simple as hooking up the widebands analog output 0-5 volt wire to your ecus egr valve position pin.
The full ecu pin out is available by CLICKING HERE.
You should always source a fused 12v ignition feed directly from the fuse box. Be sure you tap into the FUSED out and not the UNFUSED in. Now, look up the wideband transfer function for your wideband, it should be in the booklet that came with it. You will need to know the transfer to verify it with the table below.

Software Setup

TunerPro RT
If using TunerPro, there is no setup required! You simply right-click on WBo2 on the dashboard and select your wideband from the drop menu (WBo2-AEM, WBo2-LC1, etc..).
Binary Editor
If using BinaryEditor, you must first go to your payloads tab and make sure you have IEGR (or possibly labelled EVP) set to log.
Go to the either the datalogging tab or the settings tab in BE (depending on version) and click on transfers.
Type in the correct transfer from the table below.

Wideband Transfer Functions


Note: By using LAMBDA the wideband DOES NOT need to be changed for alternate fuels.

If your transfer is not listed, post your transfer function in the
Wideband Thread to be added in.

Transfer Technical Support and Equations - for INFORMATION ONLY

in tunerpro edit the ADX >> Values >> WBo2
then click on conversion

at the top you'll see the equation click on set

X is the raw EVP input voltage which is the wideband actuals voltage output, 0 - 65535 representing 0v to 5v

A wideband outputs a linear voltage based on air fuel ratio, thus one can logically infer the equation for the wideband transfer is a simple interpolation equation. The following is the basics to compute the equation.

For Reference:
typically 32,000 is stoich /12800 = 2.5v so for an equation that is 7.35 + ( X / 4267); 3.1v [stoich which correlates to ~16.6 AFR for a 2.5v stoich] the correct equation is 0.16222 * ( X / 12800 ) + 0.5

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