by Michael Decipha Ponthieux
Posted: 2010-10-24
Last updated: 2017-05-13

Wiring Diagrams

AODE / 4R70W / 4R75W - Transmission Bulk Connector
4r70w Bulk Pinout
4r70w Modular vs SBF Cases

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Following is included for Reference

AOD Bulk Pinout

SN94/95 5.0L TCRM

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The 4r70w transmission harness pins changed slightly in 98, use this as reference for your specific trans
If going from an older style pin out to a new style the follow is the order in which the wires will need to be moved.
old to newcommentsWire Color 2001 GT
7 >> xcut and remove wire
8 >> xcut and remove wire
1 >> 7org/yel
2 >> 4red
6 >> 8brn/org
9 >> 2wht/pink
10 >> 6tan/yel
mlps digital to analog resistor values
P4.491789.755 ohms
R3.71756234.566 Ohms
N.907513431.814 Ohms
D2.127525542.186 Ohms
21.377550120.508 Ohms
1.655127025.954 Ohms

Note:ASSUMED .00025amps, 20k ohms resistance on nds circuit pin30


Although other vehicles are similar be aware this pertains to the supercoupe directly

Here's the write up that I've been asked to make for my 4r70w swap in my 91 titanium, this may not pertain to the 89-91 GURE and GSALC equipped ecu's as their pin out is probably different, you'll have to cross reference the differences between them and the later model ecu's heres the full pin out for the 91+ ecu's for reference PINOUTS

the 4r70w transmission harness pins changed slightly in 98, use this as reference for your specific trans

the 4r70w under went some improvements in 98 making it stronger and more reliable, best bet is to source a 98+ trans, only the v6 engine and the 5.0 engine (explorer and mountaineer) have the correct 4r70w case with the sbf bellhousing, the 4.6L 4r70w excluding some unique pre94's have the modular bellhousing and WILL NOT WORK ON A SUPERCOUPE without a bellhousing or a case swap which is not really all the feasible since the correct trans could be had in the first place making life much easier

With the EEC-V (in 95 on select vehicles) henry changed the tcc solenoid from 1 ohm to 10 ohms, the 95 vic town car and marquis were the only 3 that changed to 10 ohm in 95, all else officially changed in 96, you'll need a 1 ohm tcc from a pre95 transmission if using an EEC-IV, simply match the tcc resistance to your ecu. EEC-IV = 1 ohm. EEC-V = 10 ohm.

i used a tcc from a 93 mark8, i used dikes and cut the connector off the tcc so i could retain the newer style board inside the trans rather than having wires dangle inside it, removed a couple bolts swapped it out and i was good to go

here's the wires that need to be ran to the ecu, i hit the junkyard and cut off an ecu connector to use the pins, the pins unclip using a pick after removing the red retaining tab,its pretty basic, you'll know exactly what im talking about when you see it, i simply removed the pin from my junkyard connector and snapped them into my connector so i had something to tap in to

ecu pin #/ where it needs to be ran to
2 brake switch
5 transmission-oss
30 trans range MLPS, already ran to the trans stock
38 transmission-epc
41 shifter switch - tcs (transmission control switch) - o/d cancel 12v input
46 sig return
49 transmission-TOT/TFT
51 transmission-sol1 - A
52 transmission-sol2 - B
53 transmission-tcc
55 gauge cluster lamp - tcil (transmission control indicator lamp)

the ecu unlocks the converter when you hit the brake thus pin2 (optional)
pin30 is already ran to the stock aod/m5r2 trans, its part of the neutral start circuit, i tapped into it at the stock transmission harness under the car

pin41 i ran to my 97 cougar shifter that i scored at the yard, i wired it to the monetary o/d cancel switch and used a 12v source that was already at the center console for the console light, my o/d cancel switch now functions like stock

if you have a 91-93 sc you'll need to move pin 53 to 55, this is the upshift lamp module wire, doing this turns the upshift lamp on when you disable o/d and it'll also flash if a trans fault is detected, i also removed that stupid chime module as the upshift lamp being on will make it beep constantly when o/d is disabled, to each their own

pin46 is signal return which is a ground, you should tap into the wire at the ecu or use a VERY GOOD GROUND

the MLPS changed as well over the years, you'll need a pre 98

the driveshaft between the aod and the 4r70w is different in length as well as yoke diameter, the 4r70w has the same tooth count on the yoke but its thicker and stronger than the weaker aod yoke, using an aod yoke in a 4r70w will leak at the tailshaft, unless you swap the tailshaft, the 4r70w and the aod tailshafts are direct swap outs, just unbolt and bolt the other back up, doing so you can use an aod yoke on a 4r70w

best bet is to snag the driveshaft from a 94-95 supercoupe and not have to worry about any fitment issues, i had to go the mark8 1 piece route keep in mind by going that route i had to get it shortened, for those that don't have a full machine shop at their leisure, expect to pay $75+ to get it cut welded and balanced

I gathered:
$35 w4h0 ecu from 95 mustang gt auto (i highly recommend the 94-95 sc auto ecu)
$150 2001 v6 mustang 4r70w with wiring connector and converter
$13 one piece aluminum d/s from 93 mark8 at the yard
$1 mlps and connector from 97 cougar, tcc from 93 mark8, ecu connector for pins
$12 new filter
$39 12qts mercon-v
$20 4r70w shifter w/ o/d cancel button from 97 cougar
$80 B&M bar and plate trans cooler
spare wire, solder and iron, electrical tape, rubber trans hose, and heat shrink wrap protective looming i had laying around

for a grand total of $350 after it was all said and done :lol: that's the whole she-bang for cheaper than you can even buy a baumannator and it works 1000x better

now keep in mind the 94-95 sc comes stock equipped with 36# injectors and EDIS ignition (89-93 have external TFI "DIS" ignition), the 94-95 sc ecu does not support the "TFI" ignition types, so if you do not wish to swap to the better EDIS ignition setup you will HAVE TO use a 94-95 mustang ecu in your 89-93 supercoupe which will require a chip to correct a BUNCH of stuff, so unless you have 36# squirters and the EDIS setup to swap in at that time, you'll have to factor in the price of a chip, im sure theres lots of folks around here that can do this it for you, but if not, shoot me a PM or an email and I'll send you out a chip ~$100

i reused the aod cooler lines and spliced in my cooler after the trans fluid exited the radiator, i mounted the cooler up in front the condenser directly in line with the vent port in the front bumper

i choose to use the 94-95 mustang v8 ecu since I had it laying around, another option would be to swap to edis and use the 94-95 sc auto ecu

if anyone needs a stock "supercoupe" tune for a cbaza ecu (94-95 mustang v8 ecu) PM or email me and i'll send it your way

be sure you set the mlps correctly, put the shifter in neutral and rotate the mlps until it lines up with the neutral mark then tighten it down, i then put the shifter in drive and set the transmission lever in drive and tightening the adjustment nuts to prevent being in between gear selections while cruising (which will damage a transmission). i used a 97 cougar shifter cable bracket so everything bolted right up smoothly

so was it worth it? HELLL YEAHHH, their's absolutely nothing like having your transmission shift and lock up right when where and how you want it to, changing my shift point, pressure, and converter lockup is as easy as just pressing a few buttons on the laptop

im sure there's something i missed but thats the gist of it, this was really basic and not hard to do at all, I'd rate this swap 2 out of 5 wrenches as for difficulty rating, all in all if i had everything from the get go i'd probably been able to knock it out in ~6 hours or so

I think that about cover's it if i wasn't clear or if i forgot something don't hesitate to ask on the support forum under the supercoupe section
Rev. 2011-11-07 - I just put a newer 2003 v6 mustang 4r70w in my 95 because I blew up the stocker a few weeks ago. I have listed the pin out changes for those that are upgrading to the newer 98+ transmissions at the top of this write up. The 98 transmissions have better internals so are more desireable, in late 2003 henry stopped putting the vss splines on the output shaft so ideally you don't want to get a 2004 or 2005 4r70w as they would require some additional effort to get the vehicle speed sensor to work

Unrelated - E4OD Diagrams (for record keeping)
E4OD Older Connector
E4OD Newer Connector

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